M7349 Dress and Matching Shoes

On Wednesday, I posted about my M7349 pattern hack, so now I’m sharing the original dress I made from the pattern- the one where I followed the rules!


I made this dress for my school’s Sadie Hawkins dance (I was so excited to have an occasion to make another dress!), and I used a scuba knit. The pattern is just so pretty, and I love how it feels.

The other part of this project was the shoes. A few months ago, I found a pattern for sewing shoes- that’s right, sewing shoes! I decided that I should make shoes to match the dress even before I found the fabric, and when I was fabric shopping I found linen in the same print as the scuba knit! It was really awesome, since of course the shoe pattern uses a woven fabric. Here’s how they look:


The shoes were easy to make, and people were amazed. I had such a fun time at the dance, and I also wore the outfit for Easter. I’m looking forward to wearing it many more times this summer!

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