M6953: Peach Dress

Have you ever made a mistake on a project so bad that you thought it was irreparable? That’s what happened to me with this dress. It was originally a muslin for a semiformal dress (M6953) I was making for a school dance, and I was making it out of a nice peach- colored cotton. After making enough to ensure that it fit, I put it aside for my fancy dress. After a few months, I decided to pull it out again and finish it.

As I was sewing in the lining, my iron accidentally got knocked to the floor. I quickly picked it up because our floor has plastic carpeting, and I thought everything was fine. However, a few minutes later I went to iron the neckline of the dress (not using a pressing cloth- big mistake) and to my horror, melted plastic got transferred to the dress. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ‘before’ picture, but I talked to my mom and we decided that the best way to fix the dress was to sew lace to the neckline since I hadn’t sewn the shoulder seams yet.


I think I like this dress more with the lace than I did without it!

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