M7297 Pajamas

One of my sewing goals for this summer was to make a pair of warm-weather pajamas. The nightgown I made a few years ago is starting to get holes in it… It’s well used, apparently. This pair of pajamas sort of fell into my lap when my mom started making the top, making an adjustment to the shoulders. This adjustment made the neckline too constricting for her liking, so I decided that I would finish the pajamas for myself, because I love the fabric.

All I had to do to finish the top was add the sleeves and hem it.


Next, I wanted to make a matching pair of pajama shorts.


Have you ever sewn a pair of pajama pants and not been able to tell the front from the back? With these shorts, I solved that problem by marking the front pieces with pins and sewing a bow onto the middle front of the waistband when I was finished. These turned out to be the perfect summer pajamas!



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