In the summertime, I wear shorts every day. Therefore, I knew I would need a few pairs if I was going to try to make my whole wardrobe. So far I’ve made two pairs, using this tutorial from Melly Sews.


This was my second pair of shorts. On my first pair, I used ribbon in place of the lace, but I really love how the lace looks! I thought that shorts would be a good way to learn to sew a pants waistband and fly zipper before I attempt jeans, but these actually have an elastic waitband. It isn’t noticeable when I wear the shorts, though, because pretty much all my t-shirts are slightly big on me and come down over the casing of the shorts. Also, in the tutorial Melly uses a knit fabric, but she says in the tutorial that wovens work too so I used denim. Here’s my first pair:


I’ve worn these pairs of shorts almost every day this summer and I’m still planning to make two more pairs. They’ve become an essential  part of my wardrobe and a big step toward making all of my own clothes!

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