Circle Skirt

This is my new favorite skirt! Wanting to try my hand at making a circle skirt, I found green woven fabric in the stash my mom and I share, and while I intended the garment as a test, the fabric is soft and light, and I’ve worn it at least four times already!


When cutting the fabric I used By Hand London’s Circle Skirt Calculator. After cutting the fabric, I thought the hole I’d cut for my waist seemed a little small, especially since I’d be taking out 1 1/4″ in the back for the zipper. I cut the hole a bit bigger. When I cut the waistband I re-measured my waist and used that number. The initial number I plugged into the calculator was a measurement from a few months ago and was smaller than my re-measurement. I also added seam allowance to the waistband. Amazingly, the waistband fit perfectly to the skirt! Before putting in the waistband, though, I put in a zipper. By Hand London recommends an invisible zipper, but I just did a regular centered zipper because it was what I had. It doesn’t match the skirt, but that doesn’t bother me. Next time I make a circle skirt (it’ll be soon- I already have fabric) I’ll overlap the waistband in the back and make sure there’s no gap like what I ended up with this skirt:


About the length: the calculator said I’d need a 60″ piece of fabric for the length I wanted. The fabric I had was not 60″. However, I’m short enough that the fabric I had worked- I cut the skirt all the way to the edge of the fabric, and it turned out to be the perfect length: easy to move in, not too short. I used bias tape to hem it because the thought of doing a narrow hem on a completely curved piece of fabric made me want to cry. I’ve got to get a narrow hem foot for my sewing machine…

Overall, I’m really excited about this project. I read the word ‘twirlability’ somewhere recently, and the flounce of this skirt gives it definite twirlability! I can’t wait to make more just like it!

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