Here’s the Headline: Newsies Ensemble!

This past Christmas, my grandparents got my family tickets to see the musical Newsies, which we’ve been fans of for a long time. We went to see it today, and we definitely dressed up for the occasion! My sister wore my newsboy cap, I made another cap this morning for my brother, and my other brother and my dad wore caps too. And suspenders. Even my mom were a polka-dotted wrap dress and red headband!

Here’s my outfit:


After making my first circle skirt, I knew I wanted to make a special skirt for the show. I also wanted to make a t-shirt to go with it. The fabric I found is printed with various newspaper headlines; it isn’t a directional print, which works well for the circle skirt. It turned out a bit shorter than I wanted it, unfortunately, but I felt better about the length after my mom and neighbor convinced me that it wasn’t too short. When I hemmed it I serged the edge, turned it up, and stitched it in place. I even put in my first invisible zipper!


The shirt was pretty straightforward since I’ve already made two; my only problem occurred when I topstitched the neck band down. It sort of stretched out of shape. I serged a bit off the shoulders, though, so it looks okay now. I accessorized with a typewriter key necklace.

A lot of people liked our outfits, and one family even got a picture with us! We had a great time, and the show was amazing!

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