Second Saturday Quilt Block #1

As you probably gathered from the fact that I’m trying to make all my own clothes, I’m a garment sewist. However, I have been working on a quilt recently- and now this Second Saturday quilt. Recently my mom and I have been going to this quilt shop that our friends from 4-H, who are quilters, visit a lot. A few weeks ago they started this program where on the second Saturday of each month they release a new block pattern and fabric. You pay five dollars the first month, and then every month you bring in your completed block from the previous month and they give you that month’s kit for free! You have to pay for the background fabric, but it’s still really cool.

Here’s my first block:


I love the batik fabric! Also, I learned how to sew triangles together! Only problem: I cut the pink triangles wrong the first time so I cut them again, but I’m supposed to get a second block out of the fabric and now I don’t have enough. I can probably work around it but the block’ll be a little smaller than it’s supposed to be. Oh, well. I’ll figure something out.

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