Eclipse Skirt

We’ve all had that “falling in love with a fabric” experience, right? As soon as I saw this fabric I knew that it would be perfect for the skirt I wanted to make for the solar eclipse today. Where I live we could see seventy-nine percent of the eclipse, and we went to a college near our house where they were having an eclipse party. They handed out eclipse viewing glasses, because it isn’t safe to look at an eclipse with the naked eye or even sunglasses- our friends also brought a welding mask- and we watched the eclipse.

Here’s the skirt I made for the occasion:


It wasn’t my first time doing pleats, but I’ve never done a pleated skirt that wasn’t attached to a dress, and I’ve never done this many. It was fun! I love the look of the pleats, and it was really fun to try something new. Also, it’s nice to know that people won’t think circle skirts are the only skirts I can make. 😉

The fabric is beautiful- technically, the print is the Northern Lights, but it goes with the space theme. I’m obsessed with the colors- the Aurora Borealis, the night sky, the stars, and the trees. Something I did differently with this skirt than my others was adding the zipper- invisible!- after I put on the waistband. Also, I had just enough of the fabric. I cut it in half horizontally and sewed the short ends together so I would have enough length, and pieced the waistband together with from two pieces I cut when I straightened up the top.

Welding mask style:


I can’t wait to incorporate this skirt into my wardrobe going into the fall!

P.S. Yes, that is the same shirt I wore with my Newsies skirt. More plain black shirts- or perhaps bodysuits- are definitely on my to-make list.

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