Self Drafted Bodysuit + Gathered Skirt

This is kind of a funny story. I decided I wanted to make a bodysuit, because they look nicer with skirts than t-shirts. My mother suggested that since she would pay for the pattern for me, I should buy a Big 4 pattern when they went on sale, which is all the time. Instead of waiting for it to go on sale like a normal person, and also because for some reason I really didn’t feel like cutting out a paper pattern, I decided to draft my own. I’m lazy that way… I used my self-drafted t-shirt pattern for the top of the bodysuit, and found a tutorial for drafting a bodysuit and used it to draft the bottom.


I greatly overestimated the amount of fabric I would need, and I had enough left over to make a skirt! All I did to make the skirt was gather a rectangle of fabric, hem it and attach it to a waistband of the same fabric, but if you would be interested in a tutorial let me know in the comments! I usually wear the bodysuit with my wrap skirt, but when I wear it with the skirt I can trick people into thinking it’s a dress! Clearly I have a bit too much time on my hands if I’m coming up with evil sartorial schemes.


Here’s the bodysuit with my Ginger jeans! You might recognize the picture…


This has been wardrobe staple for me this summer since I’ve mostly been wearing skirts.  I’m planning several more long-sleeved bodysuits for the winter! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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