Flannel Shirt- Simplicity 8297

By now you’re probably wondering, Is that something you just sewed, or did you make it a year ago and are just getting around to posting it now? Good question. Complicated question, but good question. I started making it last winter. I sewed most of it, then got deterred by the buttonholes. All I had to do was set in the sleeves, do the buttons and buttonholes, and hem it, but it languished in a UFO bin for a year. Finally I realized that I’d done about forty buttonholes on our new machine and I should just finish the shirt.

Look at the pockets! They blend in! And the plaid matches at the front and sides! If I can toot my own horn, I’m pretty proud of that. The yoke/back seam is a French seam, but the other seams are just serged. My only deviation from the pattern was to topstitch the facing down so it wouldn’t just be flappy and loose. The one thing I’m not happy about with this shirt is that the sleeves are a bit short. I didn’t realize they weren’t full-length sleeves when I started making the shirt. I tried sewing knit cuffs onto the sleeves but that looked pretty awful, so I left it as is, and it hasn’t bothered me as much as I thought it would.

I’m glad I finally finished this, because it’s become a wardrobe staple. Also, I’ve learned that I really like plaid flannel. I have another shirt with this same pattern in the works. It’s definitely a success!

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