Water Lilies and Waves

Guess what? I actually finished my bathing suit in time to wear it this summer! I made my suit last year, too, but it was a little too short for my liking, so I went to the other extreme. It worked out perfectly.

First of all, this fabric- it’s from Zenith and Quasar fabrics, and I love it. I was on the fence for a while about whether or not it would be too busy of a pattern for a bathing suit, but in the end I liked it so much that I decided to stop overthinking and just buy the fabric. The print turned out to be smaller than I thought it would be, so it ended up being perfect for my design.

As far as patterning goes, this is a mashup of several patterns. Four, to be exact. The bottoms are constructed from a leggings pattern, a quarter circle skirt pattern, and a swimsuit briefs pattern. The leggings are the Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates. The quarter circle skirt was self-drafted, using the waist measurement of the leggings rather than my actual waist measurement. The swimsuit briefs are from Jalie 3023, the pattern I used for my bathing suit last year. For the top, I used my self-drafted t-shirt pattern and inserted a shelf bra. Closet Case Patterns has a tutorial for this that I loosely followed.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how this suit turned out. Admittedly, I think I might’ve stuck out on the beach because I was so covered up, but this is what’s comfortable for me, so it doesn’t bother me that it’s a little different. The leggings aren’t hemmed, because I wanted to leave the option to cut them shorter if I didn’t like them so long, but so far I’ve kept them full length. The sleeve, skirt, and shirt aren’t hemmed either, but that was just because I ran out of time before vacation… But at any rate, I can now say that this suit is beach tested, and it held up perfectly to pounding waves, sand, and rocks. I could never have bought a suit like this in a store, and I’m so glad I have the skills to make my own!