Long-Sleeved Bodysuits

This is going to be a disproportionately short post for something I wear so often- I made this bodysuit a couple of months ago, and wear it every week. Here’s the thing, though- I originally made two, wore them all the time, and then one just… Disappeared. Vanished. I don’t know how I lost a whole bodysuit, but hopefully I’ll find it soon.

I used the same self-drafted pattern I used to make my floral bodysuit. I think it’s pretty good, but it pulls at the bust and I think the solution is to lower the armscythe. I’m going to tweak the pattern and try that on the next shirt I make.

Well, it’s not a very interesting article of clothing, but it’s definitely become a wardrobe staple. I’m looking forward to getting the fit perfect for this pattern!

Self Drafted Bodysuit + Gathered Skirt

This is kind of a funny story. I decided I wanted to make a bodysuit, because they look nicer with skirts than t-shirts. My mother suggested that since she would pay for the pattern for me, I should buy a Big 4 pattern when they went on sale, which is all the time. Instead of waiting for it to go on sale like a normal person, and also because for some reason I really didn’t feel like cutting out a paper pattern, I decided to draft my own. I’m lazy that way… I used my self-drafted t-shirt pattern for the top of the bodysuit, and found a tutorial for drafting a bodysuit and used it to draft the bottom.


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