Self Drafted Bodysuit + Gathered Skirt

This is kind of a funny story. I decided I wanted to make a bodysuit, because they look nicer with skirts than t-shirts. My mother suggested that since she would pay for the pattern for me, I should buy a Big 4 pattern when they went on sale, which is all the time. Instead of waiting for it to go on sale like a normal person, and also because for some reason I really didn’t feel like cutting out a paper pattern, I decided to draft my own. I’m lazy that way… I used my self-drafted t-shirt pattern for the top of the bodysuit, and found a tutorial for drafting a bodysuit and used it to draft the bottom.


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Wrap Skirt

Hello, there! Meet my new favorite skirt! New relatively speaking… I made it last month but just got around to blogging about it now. The elapsed time is rather important, though, because now I can say that after wearing it many, many times, I love this skirt!


I made this because this year I helped with stage crew for my school’s musical, and I needed clothes that were all black. Yes, I know it has flowers on it- it’s reversible! The other side is plain black. I used the circle skirt pattern I drafted for the bottom of my semi dress, and followed this tutorial to make it a wrap skirt.


To be honest, I would’ve made it a little longer, but by the time I realized that the waist might be higher on me than when I attached the skirt to the bodice of my dress, I had already started cutting the fabric. Oops. I wasn’t entirely sure how it tied from reading the tutorial, but it’s actually really intuitive. It does make one end of the tie end up a lot longer than the other, though. When I make this again, I might do some measuring and figure out how much tie would have to be on each side of the skirt if I want them even when tied.

This is where, if I were a responsible person and kept my receipts, or at the very least remembered what type of fabrics I used, I would tell you what they are. I believe the black side is some type of shirting, and the flower side is something much lighter. The skirt has a nice weight to it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this skirt already, and I love wearing it! Hmm. I feel like I say that about everything I make. I guess I either really do love everything I make or I need to stop sounding so chipper about my makes that I don’t like…

On a completely unrelated topic, I’ve decided to start learning how to hand letter. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far, so if I continue to enjoy it I suppose I’ll eventually be able to blog about it! Thanks for reading!

Eclipse Skirt

We’ve all had that “falling in love with a fabric” experience, right? As soon as I saw this fabric I knew that it would be perfect for the skirt I wanted to make for the solar eclipse today. Where I live we could see seventy-nine percent of the eclipse, and we went to a college near our house where they were having an eclipse party. They handed out eclipse viewing glasses, because it isn’t safe to look at an eclipse with the naked eye or even sunglasses- our friends also brought a welding mask- and we watched the eclipse.

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Here’s the Headline: Newsies Ensemble!

This past Christmas, my grandparents got my family tickets to see the musical Newsies, which we’ve been fans of for a long time. We went to see it today, and we definitely dressed up for the occasion! My sister wore my newsboy cap, I made another cap this morning for my brother, and my other brother and my dad wore caps too. And suspenders. Even my mom were a polka-dotted wrap dress and red headband!

Here’s my outfit:


After making my first circle skirt, I knew I wanted to make a special skirt for the show. I also wanted to make a t-shirt to go with it. The fabric I found is printed with various newspaper headlines; it isn’t a directional print, which works well for the circle skirt. It turned out a bit shorter than I wanted it, unfortunately, but I felt better about the length after my mom and neighbor convinced me that it wasn’t too short. When I hemmed it I serged the edge, turned it up, and stitched it in place. I even put in my first invisible zipper!


The shirt was pretty straightforward since I’ve already made two; my only problem occurred when I topstitched the neck band down. It sort of stretched out of shape. I serged a bit off the shoulders, though, so it looks okay now. I accessorized with a typewriter key necklace.

A lot of people liked our outfits, and one family even got a picture with us! We had a great time, and the show was amazing!

Summery Skirt

I made this skirt last year, barely wore it, tossed it into my summer clothes bin when it got cold, and pretty much forgot about it. When summer rolled around again, I pulled it out of my bin and realized that it’s actually pretty nice!


I used a pattern from Alison Smith’s book Dressmaking. It has a side lapped zipper, which was one of the first zippers I’d ever sewn, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The above-knee length is perfect, and the skirt goes well with the white shirt I made recently.  It’s perfect for dressing either up or down, and I’ve worn it both as an everyday skirt and as an outfit for Mass!